SOAP Charting Refresh: The 2Q Method

Course Description:

This course is designed to improve the evaluation, assessment and SOAP Charting skills of Massage Therapists.  It will give massage professionals of all levels the tools to: be more consistent, by standardizing the information gathering process; have more thorough evaluations and assessments, with the quality and volume of information gathered; better justify care, as well as, demonstrate how to make a frequency and duration recommendation for care.  This is accomplished by utilizing The 2Q Method, The Qualitative & Quantitative Method of Massage Assessment: A Comprehensive Evaluation, Assessment & Recommendation SOAP Charting System For Massage Therapy.

The 2Q Method is a unique evaluation system that streamlines the consultation/evaluation by applying a uniform information gathering process making for greater consistency between therapist no matter the modality or style of massage, the degree of experience or skill set or even the setting in which the therapist works. The 2Q Method applies a system of Qualifying the gathered information into Mild, Moderate or Severe categories and then Quantifying that information in order to determine the frequency and duration recommendation of care.